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Branding & Identity


Seattle Public Library Rebrand


Some Seattle residents are unaware of the incredible, free resources the library has to offer. The current branding is dated and lacks appeal, and the website is unresponsive and difficult to navigate.


I created a bold new visual identity, showcasing the library as a vital, forward-thinking institution. My goal was to develop an authentic brand, ready to serve current library patrons, while connecting with new residents drawn by Seattle's bright, digital future.

Research & Client Background

Since 1868 the Seattle Public Library has been bringing people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and build community.

We connect our diverse community to local culture resources and history through compelling collections, expert assistance, innovative partnerships and engaging programs.


Seattle residents interested in literacy and community resources, both online and in person. As of 2014 there were 452,166 registered borrowers. Seattle proper has an estimated population of 662,400 and it is the fastest growing city in the US.  

80% of the library population is between the ages of 18-54. 73% white, 12.5% Asian-Pacific Islander, 8% Black/African American. 55% hold a bachelor’s degree or graduate/post-graduate degree. English is the primary language of 86% of SPL cardholders.

Brand Positioning

The Seattle Public Library is still the only community-based organization that provides free traditional and digital resources to Seattle residents.


Mood Board

Showing the new visual direction of the library: dynamic, complex, with light and cast shadows.

The Visual Identity book is a comprehensive guide to the institution's new look and feel.

The contents include standards for usage of the liquid logo, the complete color palette, key visual assets and their practical application on collateral, signage and environmental graphics.

UX Process

Online Survey
User Interviews
User Testing

Responsive Homepage

I designed a website to deliver these same resources, translating the look and feel of the new brand through a rigorous UX process, focusing on usability.

My UX team for this portion of the project included Maya Lewis and Nigel Sullivan.

My library event poster series puts to use the same high impact typography and crisp directionality which carries through all the visual assets. The strong diagonal visuals capture both the essence of the climate in Seattle and a sense of movement.

Applying this treatment to environmental graphics, the diagonal visuals create a friendly sense of space with room for play and learning.

I carried the brand through into the daily assets of the library – where Seattle residents first come into contact with this important part of our community.

I crafted a durable, accessible visual identity for the library, upholding the core values of the brand while broadening appeal to better serve our growing, diverse community.