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Havn: a personal guide to Copenhagen


Create a self-directed design project that shares my favourite parts of the five years I spent living in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I wrote and designed a responsive website and magazine about Copenhagen, called Havn. The project is a four-part love letter to Copenhagen featuring my writing and illustrations, sharing my favorite parts of Copenhagen in photos and how-to sections. 

Havn is pronounced like town, but with an H at the beginning. Havn means harbor in Danish; a point of contact where ideas or goods are exchanged.

It is also the final portion of Copenhagen in Danish: KĂžbenhavn. 

I chose this word because in English it also sounds like haven, which the city has also been for me, at various points in my life.

Havn's content is divided into four sections, each with a topic and color theme.

The first section is about the city itself, and the second section is about the long history of courtyards within the city. 

The online format of Havn is bold, with a modern web layout and unique side navigation. 

In the mobile format, the magazine becomes a friendly pocket guide to the city. Special online content also makes for fun new additions, like a clickable pronounciation guide for visitors.