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Product Design

E-commerce Website & Branding


Collaborate with a small business owner to create a platform for a small brand to bring handmade jewelry and stationary to market.

Client & collaborator: Obsidiopolis


Identify the market and areas of growth for the brand; build an e-commerce website to house the wares; create an experience and brand that reflects the core values of the client.


Developing a Brand Identity

Obsidiopolis is hugely inspired by Janell's personal identity, which made this a particularly fascinating inquiry. Which parts of the brand can we refine and make more accessible, which parts appeal to different audiences and most of all: how to we create something ready to grow?

We identified several key brand traits to move forward with:


Brand look & feel

Janell and I gathered inspiration from a variety of online sources: competitor's websites, fashion inspirations and instagram feeds. Together we curated a moodboard, color palette and typographic standards of how Obsidiopolis will look and feel out in the world.



I sat down with Janell and through discussion and research, we identified two separate audiences the Obsidiopolis brand and website needs to reach effectively. 

Jewelry collection customers


Fashion forward thinkers
Urban, single lifestyle
Strive to be unique and 'in the know'
Women and men with pierced ears
Boyfriends looking for presents

Printed goods customers


Artsy, creative lifestyle
Follow aspirational blogs and instagrams
Podcast listeners
Urban Black women

E-commerce Website

Product Page is bold, modern and approachable. The website showcases Janell's cutting edge jewelry and sweet line of printed goods. 

The site navigation has excellent ease of use with a powerful sort feature and information separated into the shop, about and blog page. There is also an optional slider to feature large hero images for upcoming events and promotions.

Single product page is clean, straightforward and carefully guides the user to continue shopping after visiting this item.

Product launch

I connected Obsidiopolis to local retail Velouria and together they held a special event launching the brand and website as part of Seattle's Pioneer Square Art Walk.

Collaborating with Janell, we built the Obsidiopolis brand an energetic, intuitive e-commerce site to help her reach her audience and grow.